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Salon Mat Instructions

How to Properly Install Your Mat

Published April 13, 2022
R. Allen

Receiving Your Mat

We hope you are as excited to receive your mat as we were making it! In efforts to get your mat delivered safely and economically, our mats are tightly rolled and then packaged. Depending on how long your mat was boxed, you may notice it won’t lay flat right away. Don’t panic! This is not uncommon, especially for our thicker (double sponge) mats. Generally, the mat should flatten naturally and within a few hours of being unrolled as it adapts to room temperature. We want you to be able to enjoy your mat as soon as it hits your door but if your mat doesn’t seem to be settling, we wanted to share some tips to ensure you and your mat are relaxed.

Unrolling Your Mat

Allowing your mat to adjust to room temperature is an important factor in unpackaging your mat, especially for those in colder climates. For those in colder regions, this is an imperative step that could prevent cracking or any interference in the quality of your mat. The exposure to room temperature will encourage your mat to relax as it warms up to its new environment. If you find your mat isn't settling naturally in the desired amount of time, applying heat will expedite the process. Please consider the previously stated low temperature precautions before moving on to this step.  

Applying Heat to Flatten Your Mat

The most common and effective method in helping your mat settle quickly is by applying heat. In warmer weather conditions this can be achieved simply by setting your mat in sunlight. Just like us, mats prefer a smooth, flat surface when sunbathing to avoid any creases or cosmetic flaws. This can be accomplished indoors if you have a small, warm room or a room with large windows. Once your mat reaches 80 degrees in temperature, you should see signs of settling. A hair dryer can also be used to smooth out the surface, however, this method is only necessary with colder weather conditions and thick mats. For this technique, use the warm setting on your dryer and work your way through the mat starting at the center, then down to the edges. This process should not take longer than 15 minutes at most.


Install and Embrace the Comfort

Now that your mat is in its true form, you're ready for the final step, installation. Before placing your mat in the desired location, it is important to make sure the surface in which the mat will reside is clean and dry. Once you’ve given your mat a nice, clean place to lay, simply place your mat on the floor. If you have a salon chair mat, connect the chair to the mat’s chair base cut out by setting the chair on the cut-out area. Carpet tape or glue is NOT needed to hold our mat's in place. Upon completion of these steps, you're standing on your path to better health and we can't wait to hear the results!



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